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There are currently 103 properties for sale in Corktown

Corktown Neighbourhood Stats

A summary of recently sold properties from the last 90 days:

Bachelor Suites


Sale Price: $405,000

1 Bedroom Suites


Highest Sale: $815,000

Lowest Sale: $869,900

2 Bedroom Suites


Highest Sale: $980,000

Lowest Sale: $640,000

3 Bedroom Suites


Highest Sale: $978,000

Lowest Sale: $970,000

Freehold Homes


Highest Sale: $2,150,000

Lowest Sale: $1,100,000

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We have been proudly sponsoring the Corktown farmers market since 2017

You may have noticed Socrates and Claire hanging out at the market. Since 2017 these local Realtors have been a big part of the management and founding team. They help organize, fundraise, volunteer and sponsor this farmers market every single year.

"Building community spirit makes me happy, This farmers market is more than just food. This is a place for neighbours to come together, to share laughter and create memories" Says Apallas. The market has been growing steadily every year and has become a staple in the community with more than 600 visitors per week. "Its a lot of hard work to put this market together but when i see families enjoying the lounge, sitting down and sharing meal - it's all worth it" Says Claire.

Socrates and Claire are at the market almost every week. Next time you see them, say hello.

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