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Complementary Home Staging

We take care of the details.

Staged homes sell faster and for more money. You’re in luck, we’re experts in presenting properties in their best possible light.

Our team will prepare your home and make it show-room ready in 10 days or less.

See our staged rooms

  • Customized Staging Plans And Schedules

  • Lighting Strategy/ replace lightbulbs

  • Starter Boxes And Packing Supplies

  • Decluttering + Storage Services

  • Excess Furniture And Debree Removal
  • Scrub down cleaning services

  • Painting services

  • Landscaping and snow removal

  • Light fix ups and last minute repairs

  • Furniture + accessories

Why staging your Home, Helps Sell your home

Staging helps create an emotional attachment for buyers. So much so that they can fall in love with your home, as their own home.

Todays home buyers have the luxury of touching an entire community of homes from the comfort of their living room,. As a seller, it’s critical that your home stands out and makes a great first impression online.

Here are 5 reasons to consider staging before you sell.

1. Appeal to buyers emotions

83% of interested buyers say it’s easier to visualize a staged home they’ve seen online while 23% of buyers will overlook other property faults.

2. Faster Sale

25% of homes greatly decreased their time on market once the home was staged, Helping potential buyers to visualize a better living space functionality in the house.

3. More Money

39% of staged homes increased in dollar value between 1% to 10%. That’s the difference between a $500,000 home selling for $5,000 to $50,000 more.

4. Even a little makes a big difference

You may need to stage your entire home! What 4 areas do buyers believe are the most important places in a home to be staged? The Living Room, Masters bedroom, Kitchen and Dining Room. Let’s start here and work our way through your home.

5. Make it easy for buyers

35% of buyers think that the home buying process is going to be difficult, so why not help them out? Staging makes your home easy to live in and easy for potential buyers to visualize it as their home.