It's Time To Plan A Move

We’ve made hundreds of moving days fun - instead of stressful

  • Moving Checklist

  • Contacts for utility service and hook-ups

  • Recommended storage facilities

  • Moving boxes and supplies

  • Reusable, green Frog Boxes
  • Reliable short and long distance movers

  • Packing services

  • House cleaner recommendations

  • Professional and amateur painters

  • Interior decorators

Book a mover. While we’ve worked with dozens of local moving companies, we recommend you get in touch with Constantine from Kal Make Your Move 416-833-5199. They’re reputable and trustworthy. Expect to pay about $175/h plus tip.

Step 2

Change of Address and Services

A reminder of all the addresses you need to change...

Drivers’ license, Health cards, Insurance

Employer, Doctor, Dentist

Bank accounts, credit cards, and tax office (Canada Revenue Agency)

Forward your mail here.

For now you can make the transition easy.

Step 3

Set-up/Cancel Utilities

When you are ready, here are some utility providers to set-up/cancel.

* If you live in a condo there will be some paperwork to fill out with management but you'll likely be able to pick your own hydro (electricity provider). Call and set up closer to closing date. Speak to property management.